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Is Wari Iamo really serving the people? Or killing little people with mine wastes.


A second report from international consultancy firm Deloitte says the Department of Environment and Conservation has seriously misued donor funds deposited to its Biodiversity Trust Fund and compliance with procedures is ‘at a very low level’.

Deloitte says 73% of the spending from the trust fund in 2008, the year of its audit, was for‘unauthorized purposes’.

The funds for the trust account come from external agencies like the United Nations and private sector contributors to World Environment Day.

The Deloitte Report, is the second in a series of four reports prepared by Deloitte in 2008. In thefirst report Deloitte was highly critical of financial management generally within the Department, finding it complied with ‘almost none’ of the procedural requirements of the Public Finance Management Act or the Financial Management Manual and provides‘no useful’ information to managers on spending against budget and work plans.

In the second report Deloitte reveals K223,000 from the Biodiversity Trust Fund used for advances to DEC staff in 2007/8 was completely unaccounted for (including K9,000 for overseas travel).

Deloitte says no bank reconciliations for the Biodiversity Trust Fund had been done for the previous 7 months and all the reconciliations for the previous year used incorrect opening balances.

No monthly reports have been made by DEC to the Department of Finance on any DEC trust accounts, despite this being a statutory requirement.

Deloitte found there was no asset register for assets worth in total K150,000 purchased with monies from the Biodiversity Trust Account.

None of the 10 transactions tested for the report contained all the required signatures on the expenditure requisition and for 4 of the transactions no documentation could be produced.

Member for Bulolo Open
Hon Sam Basil Mp
Press – 08th February 2011
Call for PM to sack DEC Minister & Secretary.

I call on the Prime Minister to sack the Minister for Environment & Conservation Hon.
Benny Allen and his departmental head Wari Iamo for failing to serve the people of Papua New Guinea especially the victims of environmental destruction.

The recent Deloitte report has branded the DEC department as untrusted and with that alone we can assume that corruption exists from ministerial level down to the department.

The genuineness of approving new environmental plans and issuance of environmental permits can no longer be trusted by ordinary Papua New Guineans because all environmental plans have failed leaving the exposed communities to fend for themselves even taking their very own government to court.

The recent visit and statements made by the minister and his secretary after visiting Hidden Valley has proven to us all that their position has been compromised so if they can be branded as untrustworthy and irresponsible by a reputable accounting firm then it is to the best interest of all Papua New Guineans that the Environment minister Hon Benny Allen and his secretary be sacked immediately by the Prime Minister without delay.

If for some reasons the Prime Minister cannot then we all can assume that the Prime Minister is part and parcel of those corrupt practices in within the DEC department because of his government's involvement with the Ramu Nickel Mine issues.

If the minister and the secretary have been playing the games of the Prime Minister in fear of their jobs then they have to come clear to the media and expose all to clear their names.

Just like the planning department secretary and the planning minister they all have reached the cross roads now and must come out to clear their names we will see many of such cases coming out of the woodworks before the national elections next year.


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